Aster: The Last Celestial Knight

    (Entity, 1995)
™ and © Entity Comics, a division of Express Publications, Inc.

As his fellow Celestial Knights fell, Lord Aster rebelled against his masters and saved an entire planet from an evil god called Dessa, but in the process, he lost someone near and dear to him. Now, Aster is hailed as a hero, but he finds himself uncomfortable in the role, restless, and longing for his lost love Shaiana. Will he find a reason to continue in his role as an all-powerful guardian? Will he fall before the might of Dhumat, one of Dessa’s loyal servants, before he resolves his issues? Find out in this chromium-covered, beautifully colored series from Entity Comics.

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Chromium wraparound Coverca. 1995Narcisco Roxas Jr., Ronaldo RoxasOliver Isabedra

#1 Limited Edition

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Enhanced wraparound cover Limited to 600 copies Ronaldo Roxas, Narcisco Roxas Jr.Oliver Isabedra


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  Ronnie Roxas, Narcisco Roxas Jr.Oliver Isabedra, Leinil Francis Yu


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 ca. 1996Ronaldo RoxasLeinil Francis Yu