Hybrids (1st Series)

    (Continuity, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Continuity Publishing, Inc.

The Hybrids are a collection of seven teenagers whose DNA is that of a human crossed with an alien. As a result they gained incredible powers, as well as a certain psychic bond for each other. These qualities placed them squarely in the midst of crises such as Deathwatch 2000, where evil forces attempted to destroy the world, making it over as a place of magic and radiation.

In addition to the splendid art from creator Neal Adams, this title was notable for the stunning variety of promotional devices it used to boost sales. During its short run it had a “0” issue, a die-cut cover, a Tyvek (an unrippable plastic) cover, polybagged trading cards, and more. Strangely, this overkill was merely par for the course for publisher Continuity Comics who seemed determined to use every weapon imaginable to win the brutal comic book marketing wars of the early 1990s.

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11 copies available from $0.55
Foil cover Neal Adams, Peter StoneMalcolm Davis

#0 Variation A

4 copies available from $4.50
Red Foil cover Neal Adams, Peter StoneMalcolm Davis


32 copies available from $0.99
Diecut cardstock coverTrading cardsNeal Adams, Peter StoneAron Wiesenfeld


18 copies available from $0.75
Thermal coverTrading cardNeal Adams, Peter StoneAron Wiesenfeld


15 copies available from $0.75
Wraparound coverDeathwatch 2000 dropped from indicia; Published out of sequence after #5; Trading cardNeal Adams, Peter StoneAron Wiesenfeld, Neal Adams, Rudy Nebres