Betty Boop 3-D

    (Blackthorne, 1986)
™ and © Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

She’s wide-eyed, innocent, and cute as all get-up – she’s classic animated star Betty Boop, and in this one-shot she gets not only the comic book treatment but all the three-dimensional treatment, so make sure you’ve got a pair of red-and-blue glasses on hand. The 3-D format is a little unusual, seeing as nothing particularly eye-popping occurs here. Reprinting art and story from all the way back in 1934, the effervescent Ms. Boop is on the eve of signing a contract that will make her a major Hollywood star, but her aggressive team of lawyers seem to be doing the process a lot more harm than good.

This issue is part of the Blackthorne Publishing 3-D series, published in two colors and rather difficult to read without the glasses.

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Reprints various 1934 strips in 3-D; A.k.a Blackthorne 3-D Series #11Bud CounihanBud Counihan