Smile (Kitchen Sink)

    (Kitchen Sink, 1970-1972)
™ and © Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.
alternately published under Krupp

The lifestyle motto pushed (no pun intended) by O.D. and the other characters in this comic from the early Seventies is ‘Light Up and Live!’, but they’re not talking cigarettes. Despite their relaxed attitudes, though, O.D. and friends cover a lot of ground, paying tribute to their weed of choice while poking a little fun at themselves, feminism, hippie music festivals and, naturally, politicians. In fact, the best part of the whole book is the Nixon campaign slogan that asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind sooner or later, ‘Why change Dicks in the middle of a screw? Vote for Nixon in ‘72!’
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January, 1972
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Bill LeeBill Lee
August, 1972
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