(Eternity, 1987-1988)
™ and ©1987 C.J. Henderson and Walter P. Martishius

The Yakuza are the near-mythic crimelords of Japan. In many ways, they are akin to the Italian Mafia, with the attendant codes of silence, ruthless tactics, and crime “families.” At the same time, the Yakuza owe much to the samurai of ancient Japan, with the warriors of each family pledging their life and honor to their masters (“Oyabun”).

The black-and-white series breaks little new ground in its telling of the upheaval in the Yakuza following the ill-advised murder of an American businessman. C. J. Henderson turns in a competent enough script, but it’s probably more notable for featuring early work by artist Jimmy Palmiotti, who did the finishes over Walter P. Martishius’s pencil work.

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