Red Moon

    (Millennium, 1995)
All artwork ©1995 the respective artists. Cover art ©1995 John Bolton

A series of bizarre slayings shocked the city. The victims were women, sliced as if by claws and savaged almost beyond recognition. This was not a normal case, and as such, the police decided it was time to call in Terror. “Terror” was a cop who had been given his nickname due to his penchant for old horror comics. Ten years ago, it had all been a joke—until he had to solve a similar case where the killer in question turned out to be a werewolf. Terror killed someone very close to the werewolf back then, and now it has returned to claim its revenge.

Red Moon is a skillfully developed, two-issue werewolf story drawn by Rich Suchy, with flashback sequences by Deodato Filches. It also features striking, painted cover artwork by John Bolton (The Black Dragon, The Books of Magic Mini-Series).

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 B&WDeodato Borges, Faye PerozichDeodato Filho, John Bolton, Rich Sunchy


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