Batman: The Golden Streets of Gotham

    (DC, 2003)
™ and © DC Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

DC Comics describes their non-continuity Elseworlds stories as “heroes taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places.” In this Elseworlds one-shot, imagine Batman being born to a working-class family instead of inheriting the Wayne fortune.

It is the turn of the century in Gotham City, and working conditions are bleak for the common man. Factories are dangerous, unions are illegal, and workers are oppressed. Only the mayor’s daughter, Selina Kyle, takes a stand for freedom. Disguised as the Cat, she rallies workers in secret to demand their rights. The Cat finds a hero in Bruno Vanekow, a wanderer returning to his Gotham roots. When Bruno returns home to discover his parents murdered by manufacturing boss Joe Chillingham, he vows revenge. While savaging Chillingham’s criminal enterprises, Bruno’s disguise as “the Bat-Man” gives Gotham’s working poor a symbol around which to rally, uniting common voices in a cry for freedom.

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 ElseworldsJen Van MeterCliff Chiang, Tommy Lee Edwards