Alien Legion: Binary Deep

    (Epic, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Carl Potts

A motly crew of roughnecks and soldiers of fortune, killers, and misfits, who hail from any number of races, cultures, and species comprise the Alien Legion. Together, they form a swift, decisive force that takes on the jobs that are too big for more ordinary teams to handle.

In this installment of the Alien Legion legends, legionnaire Torie Montroc needs help of a most dangerous kind, and he knows just whom to recruit: rough-and-ready Jugger Grimrod and the hauntingly beautiful techno-thief Nakhira Doomhar. The mission in question involves defying the inhabitants of a civilization he helped destroy in order to uncover the one bit of evidence that remains of his father’s life. Will our heroes make it out alive?

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 NNChuck DixonEnrique Alcatena