Shadow Comics

    (Street & Smith, 1940-1949)
™ and ©1943 Street & Smith

The Shadow, created by writer Walter Gibson (a.k.a. Maxwell Grant) for Street and Smith’s pulp The Shadow Magazine in 1933, is one of the most memorable fiction characters of the 20th century. As the first costumed crimefighter, the mysterious Shadow and his agents did battle against underworld menaces throughout the 1930s and 40s in the pulps, radio, movies and comic books. Though the Shadow was a towering influence on Golden Age super-heroes including Batman, his own comic book adventures paled in comparison to his super-peers, not to mention Gibson’s bi-weekly novels or the radio show which starred a young Orson Welles. The shoddy artwork, and dumbed-down pulp stories failed to capture the most important element of the Shadow’s mystique—the overbearing atmosphere of dread and mystery. It would be another 30 years before Michael Kaluta and Dennis O’Neil finally got the character right in DC’s The Shadow comic.
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June, 1947
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Bondage Cover; Vol. 7, #3 Bob Powell, Bruce Elliott, Thorton FisherBob Powell, Ejay, Thorton Fisher