Battle for a Three Dimensional World

    (3D Cosmic, 1982)
™ and ©1982 3D Video Corporation

Definitely the novelty in 1982, long-term 3-D comics enthusiast Ray Zone wrote this title covering the main developments in the history of 3-D, with the Jack Kirby artwork separated for the 3-D viewing. Kirbyesque hero figure Stereon is dispatched to pivotal moments in the lives of those who perfected the 3-D process. He prevents their destruction from second dimensional “flatties,” and in one instance a cyclops. As an educational pamphlet it’s painless, and gives Kirby the opportunity to incorporate a variety of photographs into his art. If you’ve ever wanted to see Jayne Mansfield in 3-D, this is your opportunity. You will need 3-D glasses, though.

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