America’s Best Comics Preview

    (America’s Best, 1999)
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In 1999 comic writing master, Alan Moore, generated an entire new line of comics for Jim Lee’s DC imprint, America’s Best Comics. The titles were, Tom Strong, a pulp-novel inspired hero; Top Ten, a street-level police drama in which the police and populace alike have superpowers; Promethea, the spirit of an ancient child given form throughout the ages by various hosts who channel her spirit and then actually become her; and Tomorrow Stories, an anthology title.

This preview and sketch book, published by the comic periodical, Wizard, and also written by Moore, uses a framing device in which Tommy Turbo, a character from Tom Strong, takes the reader on a “tour” of America’s Best Comics’ offices. The tour introduces the reader to characters and creators as though the process of comic creation was similar to movie production, with the characters as actors and the creators as set designers and directors. Moore indulges in a little self-aggrandizement satire in which subservient acolytes attempt to contact the exalted writer through a Ouija Board because he has gone beyond this dreary material plane.

— George Haberberger

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 Included in Wizard #91Alan MooreChris Sprouse, Gene Ha, J.H. Williams III, Jim Baikie, Kevin Nowlan, Melinda Gebbie, Rick Veitch