Armageddon 2001

    (DC, 1991)
™ and ©1991 DC Comics, Inc.

In the dark future of 2001, a tyrant called Monarch had built up a society of immense cruelty and callousness. Innocents are gunned down by legalized gangs, the police, high on drugs, act with incredible indifference. And the bodies of victims are casually thrown into landfills for disposal. Who is this tyrant called Monarch? By all account, he was once one of Earth’s heroes.

A being called Waverider travels back from that future into the present day in an attempt to stop the future from happening. Waverider is able to sense the timelines around anyone he touches, and hopes to find and stop the hero that will become Monarch. One by one, Waverider eliminates the possibilities…only to discover that the mere act of interfering with today’s heroes may have brought about Monarch’s creation!

This saga is continued in Armageddon: The Alien Agenda.

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 1st Appearance of Monarch; 1st appearance of WaveriderArchie GoodwinDan Jurgens

#1 - 2nd printing

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 1st Appearance of Waverider; 1st Appearance of MonarchArchie GoodwinDan Jurgens

#1 - 3rd printing

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3rd printing (silver ink on cover) Archie GoodwinDan Jurgens


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 Death of Dove II; Monarch’s ID revealedDenny O’NeilDan Jurgens