Youngblood Battlezone

    (Image, 1993–1994)
™ and ©1993 Rob Liefeld, Inc.

This 1993 special is an illustrated guide to the various armaments and equipment used by the government-sponsored super-hero team Youngblood. It includes a tour of Youngblood headquarters, diagrams of their mobile command center (once done up as a life-sized model for Image’s convention tour season), various other aircraft, as well as the personal armories of Chapel, Combat, Vogue, Diehard, Sentinel, and Shaft.

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Cover says May, indicia says AprilDiagrams and schematics of team headquarters, vehicles and equipmentEric StephensonRichard Horie


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  Robert Napton, Matt Hawkins, Eric Stephenson, Kurt HathawayBrian Denham, Dan Fraga, Marat Mychaels, Jae Lee, Stephen Platt, Anthony Winn, Richard Horie, Shawn McManus, Joe Madureira, Chap Yaep, Chuck Jones, Jeff Matsuda, Chris Sprouse, Cedric Nocon, Karl Altstaetter, Rob Liefeld, Todd Nauck, George Pérez