A-1 Comics

    (Life’s Romances, 1944-1955)
™ and ©1944 Life’s Romances Publishing Company

A1 Comics started its run in 1944, publishing a collection of Western, adventure, humor, and crime strips that varied from month to month. Among these were Mr. Ex, Rocky the Stone-Age Kid, and Dotty Dripple.

The title is particularly irksome to indexers in that the first two issues carried no numbering at all. Worse, the later strips such as Tim Holt Western would carry issue numbers marking them as the start of their own titles, instead of a continuation of the larger A-1 Comics title. After issue #17, the A-1 logo was dropped altogether. In a way, this was the reverse of what Four Color Comics (that other nemesis of comic indexers) did when they continued the numbering of the overall series, despite the fact that “Four Color Comics” appeared nowhere at all in the indicia. Only the impossibly high issue numbers indicated that the featured strips were really part of a larger title.
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