Battle of the Planets/Witchblade

    (Image, 2003)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

If you’re a Battle of the Planets fan who loves Princess (and what BOTP fan doesn’t?), then this book is a must-have. The sole female member of G-Force takes center stage in a story involving that mystical artifact the Witchblade. This is not so much a BOTP/Witchblade crossover as it is a tale of the Witchblade that exists in the Gatachaman universe. You’ll find no Jason vs. Sara Pezzini, no Mark staring down Jeremy Irons, and no Keyop battling alongside the Magdalena. (For that matter, the four male members of G-Force themselves make only brief appearances.) But, if you like Princess, man, does she shine!

Tales of the Witchblade in other times have been told before, so fans of that side of the equation probably won’t have much trouble dealing with the absence of its usual cast of humans. The fact that this story is presumably non-canonical, as least as far as Witchblade is concerned, is also not much of a drawback.

The art is exciting and powerful. It is also consistent with the look and feel of the properties involved, which may be no small feat, when one considers how different they traditionally have been. The overall look is true to BOTP’s anime roots but is not cartoony. And the Alex Ross cover is icing on an already-delicious cake.

— Jack Abramowitz

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