Essential Punisher

    (Marvel, 2004, 2007)
™ and ©1974-77, 1980-83, 1986, 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The first volume of the urban vigilante’s earliest exploits, this trade paperback is one of many from Marvel that makes the earliest appearances of their most popular characters’ affordable to the new reader and avid fan alike. In this reprint, the Punisher (a.k.a. Frank Castle) is introduced in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #129 with subsequent appearances in that same magazine. This volume also includes the definitive Punisher story from his self-titled limited series by Steven Grant (My Flesh is Cool) and Mike Zeck (Secret Wars, Captain America). A must have for the Punisher fan on a limited budget.

— Ryan Jackson
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Cover Price: $14.99
1 copy available for $14.99
Gerry ConwayFrank Miller

Cover Price: $16.99
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Mike Baron, Ann Nocenti, Roger SalickKlaus Janson, Dave Ross, Whilce Portacio, John Romita Jr., Mark Texeira, Mike Vosburg, Shea Anton Pensa, Larry Stroman