Red Circle Sorcery

    (Red Circle, 1974-1975)
©1974 Red Circle Productions

This title was known as Chilling Adventures in Sorcery for the first five issues of its run. From issue #6 until its 1974 demise at issue #11, the title told its tales of the uncanny and the unexpected under the name Red Circle Sorcery. The stories were generally quite good, and featured such notable talents as Frank Thorne and Alex Toth. Nevertheless, Fawcett’s Red Circle Sorcery ultimately fell, victim of low sales and the glut of similar material published by Marvel, Charlton, and DC.
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April, 1974
Cover Price: $0.25
1 copy available for $15.00
Steve Skeates, Mary Skrenes, Marv Channing, Phil Seuling, T. Casey BrennanGray Morrow, Ed Davis, Carlos Pino, Howard Chaykin, Vincente Alcazar
June, 1974
Cover Price: $0.25
8 copies available from $3.50
Steve Skeates, Marv Channing, T. Casey Brennan, Gray MorrowCarlos Pino, Gray Morrow, Vincente Alcazar, Bruce Jones
August, 1974
Cover Price: $0.25
3 copies available from $7.50
Don Karr, Marv Channing, Don GlutFrank Thorne, Gray Morrow, Carlos Pino, Alex Toth
October, 1974
Cover Price: $0.25
1 copy available for $3.25
Marv Channing, Pat BoyetteAlex Toth, Pat Boyette, Gray Morrow, Vincente Alcazar, Carlos Pino
December, 1974
Cover Price: $0.25
1 copy available for $7.99
Marv Channing, Ed NewsomeFrank Thorne, Gray Morrow, Howard Chaykin, Al McWilliams, Wally Wood
February, 1975
Cover Price: $0.25
1 copy available for $14.50
Marv Channing, Don Glut, Pat Boyette, Bob HollandVincente Alcazar, Jack Abel, Pat Boyette, Jim Mooney, Gray Morrow