Heartthrobs (Vertigo)

    (Vertigo, 1999)
™ and ©1999 DC Comics, Inc.

This four-issue mini-series collects some delightfully twisted parodies of those dramatic teen love comics of days gone by. Sort of like Love and Marriage meets Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. The stories are created by the likes of Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween, Billi 99), Tim Bradstreet (Negative Burn, The Crow: City of Angels), and Steven T. Seagle (Grifter (Vol. 1), Sandman Mystery Theatre).

The stories range from new takes on old standbys like a princess kissing frogs to find her prince, to gay men getting chemically altered to be attracted to women, to psychopathic plastic surgeons. There are even some “true tales of heartbreak” from the artists and writers themselves.

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11 copies available from $1.75
 Brian Bolland, Robert Rodi, Steven SeagleBrian Bolland, Phil Jimenez, Tim Sale, Carlos Batts, Scott Ewen


11 copies available from $0.99
 Brian Azzarello, Doselle Young, IlyaFrank Quitely, Tim Bradstreet, Tony Salmons, Carlos Batts, Scott Ewen


4 copies available from $2.00
 Marguerite van Cook, Peter Milligan, Simon RevelstrokeEduardo Risso, James Romberger, Richard Corben, Carlos Batts, Scott Ewen


3 copies available from $2.75
 Bob Fingerman, Scott Cunningham, Steve GerberDanijel Zezelj, Miran Kim, Pat McEown, Carlos Batts, Scott Ewen