(Maximum, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Rob Liefeld Inc. and Little Wolf Productions

This one-shot story marks the first teaming of Image Comic’s co-founder Rob Liefeld’s two femme fatales, Glory and Avengelyne.

The two women became smitten with a man named Devlin, an art lover and genuine Casanova. Devlin shuffled his schedule around in an effort to date both of the heroines, but the women’s not-inconsiderable charms were not his true object. Devlin is a thief, and his selected prize is the Scepter of Amazonia, a powerful weapon that represents the Amazon way of life. Avengelyne ties into the story because Devlin is half-human and half-angel. His mother fell from grace, much like Avengelyne herself. Devlin’s plan was to trick Glory and Avengelyne into fighting each other and ignoring him while he steals the staff.

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