Battlestar Galactica: The Compendium

    (Maximum, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Maximum Press

Based on a television series that ended long before this comic came out, the book offers stories of characters old and new as the humans travel through space fighting off their old enemy, the robotic Cylons.

Two rival fighter pilots must become partners in order to infiltrate an enemy base and blow up a scanner, otherwise the Battlestar Galactica and all aboard will be destroyed. But the backup story, where a Cylon warrior struggles with his developing emotions after an accident in an ion storm, is far more interesting. And you just know that Starbuck, recently captured fighter pilot and lead player in the television show, will find a way to turn that angst to his advantage.

From Maximum Press, the book was written by Robert Napton, whose credits include Avengelyne and Deity. It was illustrated by a roster of artists heavily influenced by publisher Rob Liefeld.

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  Robert Napton