Amusing Stories

    (Renegade, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Scott Shaw and Dan Dougherty

Creators Dan Dougherty and Scott Shaw concentrate on fun in this one-shot anthology. Dougherty contributes “The Blast Cast,” a comic space adventure whose cast of characters include a self-proclaimed protector of the known universe, a self-proclaimed ruler (and best-selling romance author) of the known universe, and an assortments of self-proclaimed dunces, love-struck weapons officers, and narcoleptic alien navigators.

Scott Shaw, who can often be found at the San Diego Comic Convention narrating the “oddball comics” slide show, weighs in with a big gorilla story of his own. Urban Gorilla is a well-dressed King Kong-type who stands up for the rights of oppressed animals in this man-made jungle called the city.

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 B&WDon Dougherty, Scott Shaw!Don Dougherty, Scott Shaw!