Black Scorpion

    (Special, 1991)
™ and © 1991 George Stryker

“On the mean streets of the ghetto, a fearsome rep is hard-earned….” That’s the world of the Black Scorpion, a vigilante hero who draws the line at the kind of violence other vigilantes visit upon their foes, viewing them as no better than the criminals he hunts. That straight-arrow perspective puts him in the minority in the crime-ridden city, as some are glad to see criminals murdered rather than merely arrested. It’s a perspective the Scorpion finds difficult to convey even to his sidekick, the rebellious and headstrong Dart. Moreover, the Black Scorpion himself is misunderstood, believed by many to be a crimelord rather than a crimefighter.

This comic intelligently deals with issues of race (Black Scorpion is an African-American) and character development, rarely presenting things in simple terms of good and evil. It also ably captures the spirit of the old pulp mysteries.

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