The Fantastic Four (Paperbacks)

    (Marvel, 1979)
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Nowadays with the ongoing Marvel Milestone archival hardbacks and full-size paperbacks, these pocket-sized paperbacks are virtually obsolete. But in the late 60s, this was the only way you could get permanent copies of some of the best stories from The Fantastic Four’s earliest years by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The paper stock is prone to yellowing and the contents are black and white, but if you just wanted a simple, no-frills collection of some of the best stories of The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, and The Human Torch, you couldn’t go wrong with these—although in recent years they have become harder to come by.

— Mark Arnold

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Book #1

No copies available
 Lancer 72-111; Reprint various Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) Stories In Black And WhiteStan LeeJack Kirby

Book #2

No copies available
 Reprints various stories from Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) in Black and White; Lancer 72-169Stan LeeJack Kirby

Book #3

1 copy available for $7.50
 Reprints Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) # 1- #6 in color; Pocket 81445Stan LeeJack Kirby

Book #4

No copies available
 Reprints FF (Vol. 1) #55, 66 & 67; Featuring The Silver Surfer