(Marvel, 1974-1975)
™ and ©1975 Marvel Entertainment Group

Over the years, Marvel has created a huge number of gag magazines such as Not Brand Echh, Spoof, and Crazy, to name just a few. This series took a slightly different approach and specialized in the forgotten art of “genre spoofing.” Instead of making fun of a particular story or film, Arrgh! took aim at the entire field of horror. Its tales were filled with monsters, vampires, and werewolves and usually ended on an ironic note. On the way, however, they were filled with humor, gags, and ridiculous situations.

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11 copies available from $4.50
  Jack Younger, Roy ThomasMike Sekowsky, Tom Sutton, R.A. Flynn, Bill Everett


6 copies available from $2.50
  Roy Thomas, Jack Younger, Tom SuttonTom Sutton, Alfredo P. Alcala


11 copies available from $3.00
  Roy Thomas, Don Glut, Tom SuttonMike Sekowsky, R.A. Flynn


7 copies available from $4.76
  Roy Thomas, Jack YoungerJerry Grandenetti


9 copies available from $3.03
  Mike EspositoMike Esposito, Ross Andru