Green Arrow (Mini-Series)

    (DC, 1983)
™ and ©1983 DC Comics, Inc.

This four-issue mini-series relates what may have been Green Arrow’s greatest adventure. Abby, a dear friend of Oliver Queen’s, has been killed, and he must find out why and by whom. Oliver tracks down the killer as Green Arrow, but every lead seems only to pose more questions. What’s more, whoever killed Abby is determined to stop anyone from finding out the truth.

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58 copies available from $1.43
Origin of Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)Mike W. BarrTrevor Von Eeden


11 copies available from $3.00
Versus Count Vertigo (Werner Vertigo)Mike W. BarrTrevor Von Eeden


13 copies available from $1.21
 Mike W. BarrTrevor Von Eeden


10 copies available from $3.50
Versus Cap’n Lash; Team-up with Black CanaryMike W. BarrTrevor Von Eeden