Fantastic Four Unplugged

    (Marvel, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1995 Marvel Characters, Inc.

This bimonthly comic was part of an experiment in which Marvel introduced a number of low-price (99¢) “unplugged” comics in an increasingly expensive market. With the average comic price heading toward (and above) $2.00, readers were expected to flock to the low-cost titles.

Sadly, the experimental nature of the titles was far too obvious, and the “unplugged” titles were devoid of important plot events or top-line creative talent. Although this series, which featured solo stories of the members of the Fantastic Four, was credible enough, the overall experiment was a failure. Fantastic Four Unplugged lasted just six issues, and the low sales would not encourage Marvel to try a similar experiment with lower-priced titles.

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24 copies available from $0.30
  Mike LackeyHector Oliveira


12 copies available from $0.30
 Reading of Reed Richards’ willMike LackeyAdriana Melo


12 copies available from $0.54
  Mike LackeyAdriana Melo


12 copies available from $1.10
  Mike LackeyAdriana Melo


8 copies available from $1.99
 Versus BlastaarMike LackeyAdriana Melo


6 copies available from $1.75
 Final IssueMike LackeyAndrew Wildman