Aria Angela Blanc & Noir

    (Image, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Todd McFarlane and Avalon Studios

During the decline of the Victorian Age, Aria, princess of Faerie, lived among the hypocritical and haughty aristocrats of England as Lady Kildare. Cavorting with those who were ignorant of her status, (but would be horrified had they known), afforded her a modicum of amusement. This existence was challenged when, while visiting a sideshow with some dilettantes, she discovered Angela, a fallen Hellspawn hunter who had been captured by a charlatan during a period of recuperation.

Like Aria spawned Aria Blanc & Noir, the lush and incredibly expressive art of Jay Ancleto in Aria Angela was so captivating that the mini-series was reprinted sans the computer coloring. This series further illustrates that Ancleto’s pencil art needs no embellishment.

— George Haberberger

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 Reprints Aria Angela #1 in black & whiteBrian HolguinJay Anacleto

#1 Dynamic Forces

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 Reprints Aria Angela #1 in black & white; Dynamic Forces ExclusiveBrian HolguinJay Anacleto


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  Brian HolguinJay Anacleto