The Batman of Arkham

    (DC, 2000)
™ and ©2000 DC Comics

In this Elseworlds tale set in the year 1900, Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed by a deranged man, and as a result, Bruce decides to use the family fortune to purchase Arkham Asylum.

Before he bought it, Arkham was like the Bedlam of old, where unfortunates were chained and whipped. Now, by day, Bruce Wayne the psychiatrist attempts to heal the criminally insane who are housed there. And by night, the Batman of Arkham captures those who require confinement and brings them to the asylum for treatment.

But even if Bruce succeeds with the likes of Killer Croc or Two-Face, how will he face the raw insanity of the Joker? And what will happen if Professor Crane—also known as the Scarecrow—joins the hospital staff?

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  Alan GrantEnrique Alcatena