(Epic, 1992)
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Epic is a full color anthology series from Marvel Comics’ creator-owned Epic imprint. Edited by Atomeka’s Dave Elliott (A1), it served as a worthy showcase for some of Epic’s many great titles. The series was printed in a deluxe style format which does a beautiful job of showing off the artistic talents from the various creators.

The four-issues of this series featured stories ranging from horror to action/adventure. The first issue begins with Hellraiser: Birth Rite, wherein Dan Chichester writes of a young couple who try unsuccessfully to conceive a baby. They decide to conjure a demon who is said to aid in conception. The demon does exactly that, just not in the way the couple had pictured. Mark Verheiden’s Stalkers follows with a tense tale of the mercenary police force. These tales are followed by the dinosaur/science-fiction of Dreadlands, and a new adventure featuring Epic’s popular adaptation of the Wildcards characters.
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Cover Price: $4.95
5 copies available from $3.50
Andy Lanning, Daniel G. Chichester, Lewis Shiner, Mark Verheiden, Steve White, Walter Jon WilliamsAndy Lanning, D’Israeli, Kev Hopgood, Mike Collins, Phil Gascoine, William Simpson
April, 1992
Cover Price: $4.95
5 copies available from $5.75
Daniel G. Chichester, Mark Verheiden, John Carnell, Lewis Shiner, Walt SimonsonAndy Lanning, D’Israeli, Lee Sullivan, Martin Emond, Stephen Baskerville, Dave Dorman

Cover Price: $4.95
7 copies available from $3.99
Chuck Dixon, Mark Verheiden, Bob Burden, Lewis Shiner, John MillerArthur Suydam, D’Israeli, David Roach, Doug Braithwaite, Mark Farmer, Steve Whittaker

Cover Price: $4.95
4 copies available from $3.50
Steve White, Dan Abnett, Mark Verheiden, Bob Burden, Lewis Shiner, Melinda SnodgrassArthur Suydam, D’Israeli, John Burns, John McCrea, Colin MacNeil