The Adventures of Browser & Sequoia

    (SaberCat, 1999)
™ and ©1993, 1999 SaberCat Comics

An unusual, but enjoyable comic, Browser & Sequoia is an adventure tale starring a young Indian brave and his talking pet sabertooth tiger (called a sabercat in this series), thousands of years ago. It’s a magical world of great beauty—and great dangers, including a gigantic sabercat named Sneer, who openly mocks all who try to oppose him. Full of slapstick comedy, Disneyesque characters, and a cuteness that rivals Pokémon, it makes for an enjoyable read for the kids. Interestingly enough, the first issue sports ads from the Abingdon Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, an advocacy piece for the Mattaponi Indians, and a Blue Ridge Highlands of Virginia traveler’s guide. It’s definitely not your typical super-hero stuff.

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