Battle of the Planets Digest

    (Image, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Image Comics, Inc.

This small, black and white trade paperback resembles a traditional manga collection. This is neither unintentional nor inappropriate. It is appropriate for this material to be collected in this format because of the Japanese roots of the property. Additionally, the style of the comics series lends itself to “reverse engineering” into a package of this nature. That’s not to say that it is without flaws. For starters, any time something black and white is colorized, or vice versa, it departs from the creator’s vision. The panels are easy enough to follow, but, without color, there are places where it is evident that there should be lights that aren’t there. The blank eyes of the possessed are not as effective as the original glowing eyes, and gray text on black is hard to read. The digest reprints the first nine issues of Battle of the Planets plus the Battle of the Planets: Mark one-shot. The one-shot is reprinted between the last two chapters of the regular storyline for no apparent reason.

For all its warts—and they are minor—this volume is a handy, inexpensive way to catch up on BotP.

— Jack Abramowitz

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 Collects Battle of the Planets (Image) #1–9, Battle of the Planets: Mark #1, and Battle of the Planets: Jason in black & white, digest formMunier SharrieffWilson Tortosa