The Big Book of Losers

    (Paradox, 1997)
©1997 Paradox Press. Art ©1996 the respective creators.

The ninth Big Book proves that the misfortunes of others really can be funny. The Big Book of Losers tells the story of people who just couldn’t seem to get it right. Some, such as telephone inventor Elisha Gray, brought great advances to the world, only to see others claim the credit. Others, such as Sors Hariezon, toiled all their lives, only to lose hope just as success was about to be theirs. Hariezon, for instance, never had much luck as a prospector until he stumbled across the future site of Johannesburg, South Africa. There, he found a few nuggets of gold, but gave up and sold his claim for just $10.00 before the true value of the site was clear. Today, it produces over a million kilograms of gold per year!

Finally, there are losers who are just plain out of touch with this big world of ours. How else can you explain the inventors of technocracy, animal diapers, spaghetti straws, or umbilical cord anti-theft devices?

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Anthology; B&WPaul Kirchner, Nancy Collins, Irwin ChusidAlex Wald, Andrew Wendel, Bob Fingerman, Bruce Patterson, Bryan Talbot, Glenn Barr, Gordon Purcell, Gray Morrow, Jason Lutes, Peter Kuper, Robbie Busch, Scott Shaw!, Shannon Wheeler, Shepherd Hendrix, Steve Vance, Tayyar Ozkan, Tom Sutton, Ty Templeton