Double-Dare Adventures

    (Harvey, 1966-1967)
©1966 Harvey Features Syndicate

This short-lived and rather unremarkable 64-page quarterly presented adventure stories of both super-hero and exploration genres. The super-hero features included the unintentionally goofy B-Man (of Federal Bee Investigators—the “FBI”), the Glowing Gladiator, and Magicmaster. So far as is known, this series is the only appearance of most of these heroes.

The adventure stories, in prose and comics form, were generic and featured no continuing characters. No creator credits, but some artists, like Carmine Infantino, can be recognized.

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2 copies available from $29.40
Reprints from Black Cat Mystic #60; 1st appearance of Bee-Man (Barry E. Eames); 1st appearance of Glowing Gladiator (Harry Baker); 1st appearance of Magicmaster (Shamarah); Origin of Glowing Gladiator (Harry Baker); Origin of Bee-Man (Barry E. Eames); Origin of Magicmaster (Shamarah); 62Jim Steranko, Joe Simon, Jack KirbyBill Draut, Bob Powell, Jim Steranko, Doug Wildey, Jack Kirby, Jack Sparling


3 copies available from $15.00
Reprints from Alarming Adventures #2, 3Joe SimonDick Ayers, Jack Sparling, Paul Reinman, Al Williamson, Hy Eisman