Batman: League of Batmen

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

Once again, DC delves into its Elseworlds frame of mind and gives us a look at a future that may or may not be.

Fifty-three years after Ra’s al Ghul released a plague that had wiped out up to eighty-seven percent of the Earth’s population, Tallant, son of Bruce Wayne and Ra’s daughter Talla, took up his father’s mantle and became the Batman. Seeing that he could not combat his grandfather’s forces alone, he created a League of Batmen, whose mission was to spread a cure far and wide and combat the evil where ever it may spring again.

But Ra’s al Ghul rises again from his Lazarus Pit, perhaps for the last time, as he prepares not only to succeed in his mission to reduce mankind to a more manageable number, but also to gain revenge on all who have opposed him, even down to his own family.

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