Alien Nation: The Lost Episode

    (Malibu, 1991)
™ and © 1991 Malibu Comics Entertainment, Inc.

It’s a lost episode all right, in the sense that the television series was cancelled before the series episode adapted here could ever even film, let alone air. But the show in which an alien race crashed on Earth and lived quite openly among humans did attract a small cult following, and its fans will no doubt be glad to see how the second season, had there been one, would have started. This adventure involves a plot to kill the aliens, known as “newcomers,” with a deadly bacteria. The detective team of alien George Francisco and human Matthew Sikes investigates; other characters from the series are on hand as well.

The script this one-shot is based on was called “Soul Train,” and for the series’ fans it’s a chance to see in what direction their favorite characters might have traveled. In black-and-white.

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 Squarebound; Adapts second season opener. Based on the script“Soul Train”by Diane Frolov and Andrew SchneiderBill Spangler, Diane Frolov, Andrew SchneiderTerry Pallot