Arena (Marvel)

    (Marvel, 1989)
™ and ©1989 Bruce Jones

Horror master Bruce Jones created this chilling novel of terror and time travel. An unhappy divorcée was traveling across country with her estranged daughter when she decided to stop the car and go sightseeing. While taking a quick dip in a mountain stream, she saw a strange plane do an emergency landing. At the same time, someone was watching her from the bushes: a hulking, slow-witted monster of a person from an equally monstrous family.

The woman was taken captive by the man, and was to be used as a “breeding mare” by his backwoods family. At the same time, the pilot of the downed plane found that she had crossed time as well as space on her flight. For she was the woman’s grown daughter, from a time some twenty years in the future. Thanks to a twist of fate, she was now being given a chance to save her mother from a cruel death at the hands of these monsters—and reshape her own life in the process.

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