Badger: Zen Pop Funny-Animal Version

    (Dark Horse, 1994)
Badger™ First Publishing Inc. ©1994 First Publishing Inc. and Dark Horse Publishing, Inc.

This 1994 Dark Horse mini-series is a welcome return of Badger, Madison’s own super-hero and resident multiple personality case. Born Norbert Sykes, he became unhinged as a child due to abuse by his stepfather. Following a bout in the military where learned martial arts, Sykes donned the distinctive red costume of the Badger and began dishing out punishment to evildoers. Of course, as Sykes isn’t the most well-balanced of individuals, he tends to devote his crimefighting efforts to the strange causes he believes important—such as smashing in the faces of people who blare their boom boxes too loudly.

Aiding Badger are a 6th century druid going by the name of Thorndyke, and Miss Fields, a therapist who also acts as Thorndyke’s secretary. As this series begins, all three are caught up in a wave of sorcery and small town hysteria as a madman goes on a bizarre cattle-slaying rampage. But who better to catch a madman than this zany crew?

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