Areala: Angel of War

    (Antarctic, 1998-1999)
™ and ©1998 Ben Y. Dunn

This limited series delves into the Viking origins of Areala. Her father had been a mighty warrior who trained his fiery-haired daughter in his martial ways, while her mother had been a peace-loving Christian who taught Areala compassion. As her father races into the night to fight a fearsome were-creature, Areala struggles with the conflicting ideas of protecting her mother or assisting her father. Which will win? Will Areala heed her father’s orders, or will she fight at his side? And what role do the Valkyrie play in all of this?
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September, 1998
Cover Price: $2.95
1 copy available for $7.99
Jim GelvinCraig Babiar
November, 1998
Cover Price: $2.95
2 copies available from $5.00
Jim GelvinCraig Babiar