The Adventures of Hanno & Loris

    (Shanda, 2004-2005)
™ and © Shanda

Loris, warrior Leopardess mother of two, and her mouse partner and mage, Hanno, seek profit and adventure where they can. Accompanied by former slave and current nanny, the ganet Zia, and Loris’ cubs Keres and Neres, our party of adventurers explore the cities and countries of a world of intelligent animals and high adventure. Here they teach lessons to smart thieves and visit cultures as varied as the animals they hail from.

Brock Hoagland’s inviting characters come to life in this text–based graphic novel spiced by a few choice illustrations from various artists such as Steve Corbett and Sarah Silverman. Thrilling tales of sorcery and adventure for mature readers, this black and white series is worth reading for fans of fantasy.

— Ron Black

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  Brock HoaglandBrock Hoagland, Steve Corbett, Jason Canty, Roz Gibson, Amanda Hughes


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  Brock Hoagland