(DC, 1968-1969)
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Anthro lived at the dawn of human history. His father was chief of the bear people, and his destiny was one day to become a chief himself. In the meanwhile, his abilities as a hunter made well-loved by his people.

In this prehistoric adventure series, Anthro battles for survival in a hostile world. Using brains, brawn, and skill he takes on all manner of huge beasts. He also engages in the ages-old battle of the heart as he attempts to win a beautiful woman from another tribe as his wife.

Following a debut in Showcase #74, Anthro was featured in this 1968 solo series. Although it lasted only six issues, the character survived far longer as DC’s “oldest,” including an appearance in DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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 2nd Appearance of Anthro; Jul-Aug issueHowie Post, Henry BoltinoffHowie Post, Henry Boltinoff


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 Sep-Oct issueHowie PostHowie Post


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  Howie PostHowie Post


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 Versus Queen Flamma; Jan-Feb issueHowie PostHowie Post


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 Fact File #4 (Vigilante)Howie PostHowie Post


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 The Wonderful World of ComicsHowie PostHowie Post