Aliens: Newt’s Tale

    (Dark Horse, 1992)
™ and ©1992 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

She was a normal second–grader, with a normal name, even though her jerk brother always called her “Newt.” Her colonist parents had taken her to a far-off world, where they tried to terraform it into a planet capable of sustaining human life. But unknown to any of them, the planet already had inhabitants: the horrible predators known simply as Aliens.

Through her knowledge of the many hiding places to be found in the colony’s vents, she managed to survive when the Aliens had killed all the other colonists. Somehow she managed to survive until a rescue mission of Colonial Marines arrived. But as viewers of “Aliens” (the film upon which this story is based) know, it was not long before the rescue team needed rescuing themselves.

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