(DC, 1997)
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The sweet science of professional boxing, constrained by rules and the constructs of civilization, is considered too tame for a few select, decadent individuals who have the money and stomach for something far more brutal. This circumstance gives rise to “the Secret Ring,” a clandestine organization that arranges incredibly gruesome fights to the death. When both Bruce Wayne and Ted Grant see a video of Killer Croc beating the new Wildcat (Grant’s protégé) to death, these champions of justice, who are masters of pugilism themselves, take separate paths to end this savagery. Those paths lead them to unknowingly face each other in the most highly anticipated match of this barbarous business.

This three-issue mini-series presents a powerful pairing of Batman with Wildcat, the veteran crimefighter, who schooled the novice Bruce Wayne in the art of boxing during Batman’s rookie days.

— George Haberberger

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16 copies available from $1.00
 Versus Lock-UpBeau Smith, Chuck DixonSergio Cariello


8 copies available from $1.50
 Versus Lock-Up; Batman profile; Wildcat profileChuck Dixon, Beau SmithSergio Cariello


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 Versus Lock-UpChuck Dixon, Beau SmithSergio Cariello