Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe

    (Marvel, 1989)
™ and ©1989 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Who could have been devious enough to give a case of black plague to Black Panther, Black Bolt, Black Widow, Black Knight, and Black Cat? Who did away with Captain Marvel (the second one) by trapping her in a perpetual rerun of Three’s Company? Who could have done in Ant-Man by popping him in a microwave? Or staged a (Ragna-) rock concert for Asgard?

The answer, actually, is Death. I mean, we’re talking about a cosmic force at work here.

Since Fred Hembeck drew the cartoons in which it happened, he’s the one who’s really responsible for destroying the Marvel Universe. In this one-shot special, the hilarious cartoonist who gave us Fantastic Four Roast returns to do in Marveldom’s finest in the funniest manner possible.

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