Aliens: Mondo Heat

    (Dark Horse, 1996)
™ and ©1986, 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Mix one Aliens–infested industrial settlement, two missing brats, one ornery “exterminator,” and a few hundred terrifying monsters and you’ve got Aliens: Mondo Heat.

Mondo Pest is a freelance exterminator who takes on obscenely dangerous missions to eradicate Aliens. In this one–shot, he’s called to the Gimeno Industrial settlement. The settlement is built on a volcano, but the real heat comes from a full–fledged Alien hive. The Aliens there have overwhelmed
the colonists and taken a rich man’s daughters. Mondo’s job is to enter the hive and find the daughters’ bodies… before they can be used to hatch new Aliens.

That’s the setup: the rest of Mondo Heat is ridiculously over the top. It mixes action adventure with comedy, in a wickedly funny tale of nasty bugs and family loyalty.

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 NN; One-shotHenry GilroyRonnie del Carmen

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