AD Police

    (Viz, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Artmic/Viz Communications, Inc.

AD Police is a spinoff from the popular Bubblegum Crisis series. In 2025, Tokyo was utterly destroyed in the Kanto earthquake. Fortunately—or not—the Genom Corporation was all too ready to help rebuild. Within a few years, Genom had risen to become a great economic power in its own right, controlling nearly all of Tokyo.

Among the most popular of Genom’s products were the “boomers”—increasingly sophisticated robots with brains modeled after those of humans. The boomers were designed for industry, for extraterrestrial use, and for battle. As a result, they were many times stronger than humans and nearly indestructible. And those electronic brains of theirs? Held in check by several levels of blocks to prevent them from going renegade.

This graphical novel is about what happens when those blocks fail…

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  Toshimichi SuzukiTony Takezaki

#1 - 2nd printing

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2nd printing with gatefold cover Toshimichi SuzukiTony Takezaki