Athena Inc. The Beginning

    (Image, 2001)
™ and ©2001 Brian Haberlin

Once he was a top secret agent. Later, he was just a snoop digging around into deep, dark secrets. Now he’s a dead man, because he’s discovered the world’s darkest secret: Athena Inc., and the world’s deadliest weapons: M@nhunters. They’re not supposed to exist, but they do, and one is coming to get him. Her name is Anna, and she’s beautiful, but through the wonders of genetics she’s also Brenda—a psychotic killer eager to take control of their body/identity, and finish the job. But now the secret is out and Athena Inc. has run up against more competition than they’re used to…more than perhaps they’re prepared to handle.

This one-shot sets the stage for the Image Comics series, and mixes beautiful, realistic art with extensive text passages.

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Ashcan #1

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Ashcan #1 Variation A

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