Batman: Riddler—The Riddle Factory

    (DC, 1995)
™ and © 1995 DC Comics

Hitting the stands at the same time “Batman Forever”—featuring Jim Carrey as the Riddler—hit the multiplexes, Batman: The Riddle Factory is a Prestige Format one-shot. Here, we find the King of Conundrums pirating Gotham’s airwaves to broadcast a rapid-fire game show that tests the wits of its contestants and slings a bit of mud at the city’s social elite. But the Dark Knight is convinced that there’s more to the Riddler’s antics than a desire to be the next Alex Trebek. But what? Find out in this excellent detective story from writer Matt Wagner (Grendel) and artist Dave Taylor (Batman & Superman: World’s Finest).

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Cover forms diptych with Batman: Two-Face - Crime and PunishmentMatt WagnerDavid Taylor