Anaconda Davida

    (Sin Factory, 2005-2006)
™ and © 2005 Radio Comix & respective creators

It is said that there are different strokes for different folks. Well, if your different strokes involve women anthropomorphized into animals—rabbits, horses, deer—with large breasts being seduced by large snakes, this is the comic book for you. Full page pin-ups, short stories, and humorous strips all present erotic imagery which frequently ends with women being either devoured or just hugged really tightly by large snakes.

The tales are mostly innocuous and light-hearted—one woman eaten by a snake survives to vow not to date outside her own species anymore—and drawn in a fairly simple style by several different artists.

— Andy Richardson

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 Adult; B&WBrian Sutton, Shon HowellD.A.Q., Shon Howell, Derrick Dasenbrock


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  David Davis, Shon Howell, Phil GibsonDavid Davis, Shon Howell, Phil Gibson