The Human Powerhouse

    (Pure Imagination)
™ and © 1987 Pure Imagination Publishing and Greg Threakston

This black-and-white title from writer/artist Greg Theakston is reminiscent of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America and The Double Life of Private Strong. Here, a government-sanctioned super-hero—a true believer in all that is noble and just—has to prove that he’s not obsolete, and he takes on Kirby-sized dangers on every page. This is something of an allegory for modern times: are noble heroes passé? Theakston would seem to think not, and The Human Powerhouse reminds us of what heroes should be and what they should stand for.

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 One-shot; B&WGreg Theakston, Basil WolvertonGreg Theakston, Basil Wolverton