The Amazing Screw-On Head

    (Dark Horse, 2002)
™ and ©2002 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Whenever President Lincoln has a problem that may affect world peace or a mystery that baffles his best military minds, he calls on Screw-On Head. With his faithful manservant Mister Groin to aid him in selecting an appropriate body and Mister Dog to track down any vile evildoers, Screw-On Head will travel to the ends of the earth, seeking out evil villains and bringing them to justice.

This is an interesting combination of old style gadgetry, new style science and the Victorian Era of the 1860s thanks to the creative work of Mike Mignola. Who or what is Screw-On Head? How did he get here? They’d tell us his secret origin, but, unfortunately it’s a secret. Suffice it to say that Earth remains a safe place for the living, thanks to his unflinching efforts.

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